Hand Bell Song Book- Classics (6 Beginner Songs)
Hand Bell Song Book- Classics (6 Beginner Songs)

Hand Bell Song Book- Classics (6 Beginner Songs)


Color-coded hand bell music for music fun! These fun 6 classic songs are ready to be played with your hand bell set for family fun, school classes, or church activities. 


  • 6 songs included: Happy Birthday, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Old McDonald, Row Row Row Your Boat, Mary Had a Little Lamb, The Muffin Man
  • Each sheet is color coded with notes and names of notes above the lyrics (in case your hand bell set colors don't match up with these song sheets.)
  • Formatted in 2 sizes: 24"x36" poster size or 8.5"x11" for individual sizes
  • Instant digital download to print the copies you need
  • PLEASE NOTE: These songs are made for using a simple, 8-piece hand bell set. Therefore, some songs may sound a bit off only due to the nature of not having a the full range of hand bells. These song sheets are created this way to provide an inexpensive option for the general public. If you are a music teacher, you may want customized hand bell sheets that will go with a full range of hand bell notes. 

For Best Results 

I recommend purchasing a set that uses the following colors for the notes so that it will match these song sheets perfectly:

E- Yellow
F- Green
G-Light blue
A-Dark Blue

Hand Bells to Buy

Feel free to shop around for Hand Bells, but be aware that not all sets use the same colors for the same notes. For these song sheets, the set we use and love that matches with the songs is this set here: