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12 Day of Christ Bundle- 45 Name Tags, Gift Ideas, Companion Cards, & Starting Poems

12 Day of Christ Bundle- 45 Name Tags, Gift Ideas, Companion Cards, & Starting Poems

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Keep Christ in Christmas with this fun 12 Days of Christ! Printable tags and coordinating gifts make it easier than ever to surprise someone with the 12 days of Christmas this year!  

45 names of Christ (from King James Version Bible) and gift options make it easy for you to choose which will fit your gift recipient the best! 


  • 12 Version 1 Names: Living Water, Emmanuel, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Lamb of God, Shepherd, Redeemer, The Light, Prince of Peace, Bread of Life, Mediator, King of Israel
  • 12 Version 2 Names: Everlasting Father, Author and Finisher, The Life, Morning Star, Rock, True Vine, Comforter, Firstfruits, Healer, Light of the World, Root of David, The Word 
  • 9 BONUS Names : Wonderful, Alpha & Omega, Savior, Holy, Branch, Captain Of Their Salvation
  • BONUS - 12 Book of Mormon Names



  • Instant digital download
  • Choose any color to print the tags and cards on. Print at home or at your favorite print shop.


  • For personal use only. 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

I have been so busy and we had drew names at church ti call them daily offer words of encouragement. This came in handy. I bought each gift for the 12 day’s wrapping each one put in a big bag and sent it home with them. They loved it and they knew I was praying for them daily. Thank you I loved it.

M Robins
Perfect prompts & ideas

These tags were perfect for our 12 days project. I loved choosing scriptures from both the Bible & Book of Mormon. The gift ideas were perfect, too. I also liked not having to do anything in a certain order & my kids liked choosing the gift each night.
I had a little trouble printing one of the tags & Melissa was awesome helping me figure it out.
Thank you!!

Kimberly Thomas
Exactly what I wanted

Love everything about this idea. I use it for a special 12 days before Christmas gift for a friend or family member. My favorite part is figuring out a gift to go with each name. Thank you for your creativity!

Doreen Card
So fun!

So easy and fun to do with all the cards and tags ready to print and all the gift ideas! Thanks so much!

Laura Mourtgos
Unique 12 Days of Christmas!

I love these! I got this set because I wanted to be able to mix and match whichever ones we wanted to do. We have it as one large bag of gifts to a family member and we also did a once-per-day gift for a friend. It worked perfectly!