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Crazy Cafe- Aprils Fools Day Printables

Crazy Cafe- Aprils Fools Day Printables

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Eating at the Crazy Cafe is an experience like no other! Each menu item has a crazy name attached to it. That means no one knows what they are going to get! 

The crazy thing is you might get a fork with water and a spoon with noodles. It's all fair game!

We usually do this for April Fools Day, but it's perfect any time of the year! 


  • Instant digital download
  • 5 pages PDF
  • Print as many copies as you need for personal use only
  • Includes directions, printable menus, menu key, sample breakfast and dinner menu ideas that are kid-approved! 
  • Use year after year! Since the menu can change, you can use these year after year for an entire new experience!
  • You can choose any foods your family will like and eat. This works for any meal of the day, too! 


  • April Fool's Day
  • Youth group activities
  • Family dinner


  1. Choose 9 food items. Be sure to include utensils in the 9 items. Assign those foods to a number on the menu. Fill in the key so you don't forget. And keep this a secret.
  2. Print off Crazy Cafe menus. You'll need 1 for each person.
  3. Have everyone sit at the table. Pass out menus. Each person will choose which items will go in which course. While everyone is filling out their menus, they can color them too!
  4. Start with the appetizer. Serve everyone's appetizer items first. As soon as everyone is done, clear away those items. Repeat with main dish and dessert.
  5. Have fun eating a mixed up dinner or other meal!


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Customer Reviews

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Easy and Fun

We loved the Crazy Cafe for April Fool’s Day! My kids said it was their favorite, and want to do it every year from here on out! We had a great time!

Jackie Greene

This April Fool’s Day activity was very clever and good fun.